Formed in 1995 by singer, songwriter and guitarist Jean Paul Avellaneda or "JP ", MERCY is an electrifying power trio recognized for its incredible high energy on stage performances as well as for their unique original studio recordings. After touring heavily for 5 years while performing in many top clubs and festivals, this band has left its mark on audiences worldwide.

      JP and the Mercy Blues Band are now celebrating the release of their new 2013 album "Voodoo Boogie Train". Most of the inspiration for the songwriting on this album came from a trip JP took to Alabama, where he collaborated with his friend and bad mate Billy C. Farlow. After returning to his hometown in southern France, JP made his way into the studio and began tracking. The shape of this album was greatly influenced by two musicians during the recording process, a talented writer and singer by the name of Leadfoot Rivet and JP's own son Stephane Avellaneda. Stephane, who is a full time touring drummer with the Ana Popovic band, acted the artistic director on the project on "Voodoo Boogie Train". Says JP "The fruit of this album came from the collaboration of these two and their genuine efforts"."Voodoo Boogie Train" is another fine album released from MERCY amongst a long line of unique recordings



The Band

 Jean-Paul AVELLANEDA : Guitar / Lead vocal

 Sebastien ANTONIOLI: Bass

 Romuald LOPINTO: Drums